10 skäl till varför du ska ha en katt hemma

For a cat lover, the benefits of petting a cat are many and amazing, and that is because cats provide notable psychological, emotional, and physical health benefits to their humans. Research shows that isolation plays a large role in all kinds of diseases, and one recent study has connected loneliness to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Pet cats provide companionship which can heal people with varying degrees of Alzheimer’s and dementia. According to a study over 7,000 people by Indiana University, Bloomington, watching cat videos increases the viewers’ energy with positive emotions and decreases negative feelings.

Keeping a cat can provide plenty of health benefits that you might not even aware of. Literally, petting a cat is good for your health. They are good healers and help you have a calm and optimistic mindset. As a result, you won’t need to visit your doctor often and can save much in medical bills. Here are the 10 absolutely perfect reasons to own a cat at home. If you would like to be a little more precise, these are the 10 absolute benefits to being owned by a cat.

5 health benefits of petting a cat

Studies have shown that petting a cat reduces your stress and anxiety level because cats do not require as much effort as other pets. Therefore, owning a cat at home is good for your heart. Spending time with cats boost your mood by releasing a feel-good hormone named serotonin in your body. A cat’s purr vibrations reduce blood pressure, heal injured muscle, decrease dyspnea and promote bone strength. According to researchers from Finland, children develop a strong immune system with cats around. Petting a cat calms down autistic children.

5 other advantages of keeping a cat

Cats will keep your place rodent-free. Compared to owning other types of pets, cats are quite low maintenance. You can leave your cat for a day, and it will be just fine, as long as it has enough food, water and a litter box. Owing cats is beneficial for the environment. Cats eat less in general, and they usually eat fishes, thus generate small eco-footprint. Cats can help people to cope with grief more quickly. The most important point of owning a cat is companionship. With your cat, you are never alone.